Empire Cleaning Services | About us
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About us

Get to know our company

Empire Cleaning offers safe non-pressure roof cleaning, high pressure surface cleaning and paver sealing.We can handle any size job commercial or residential, big or small. Our special non-pressure roof cleaning method will ensure no damage is caused during the process while giving your roof the cleanest clean ever. This method will keep your roof clean 4x longer than traditional high pressure cleaning and can be done in a fraction of the time saving you time and money. With our non-pressure wash there is no need to worry about tiles being cracked or damaged during the process as our gentle yet effective mildewcide will kill all forms of mold and mildew without the harsh effects caused from high pressure water.

For our paver sealing services we only use premium sealer; our water based sealer can be applied the same day the surface is cleaned and will not turn white or haze like cheaper sealers tend to. We can bring your old faded pavers back to life or protect your newly installed pavers for years to come.

Painting Done Right

Many homeowners who take on interior painting projects end up frustrated, because painting isn’t the easiest, quickest, or the most fun thing to do. Picking out paints, selecting the right brushes and rollers, taping off sections of walls and ceiling, spackling and sanding, and priming are all much simpler and more enjoyable when you leave them to your painting team at Empire cleaning Services.

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